Taylor Lee takes over as Calgary Operations Manager

Mobile Augers is pleased to announce Taylor Lee is our new Calgary Operations Manager.

Having grown up on a cattle ranch, Taylor is well-accustomed to hard work with no days off, heading off problems before they occur and fixing them when they do, and juggling multiple demands.  Add to that years of drilling experience with an excellent safety record, and we have ourselves a great fit for the operations manager's role.

Taylor is responsible for managing our Calgary drill crews, and for working with clients to help plan and oversee their drilling jobs. He channels his enthusiasm and energy into providing outstanding customer service, and he enjoys helping each client plan their drilling program, and seeing it through to completion. Taylor also enjoys passing his knowledge to others, and he spends a great deal of time ensuring the Calgary drill crews are well-trained and working safely. 

Taylor took over Nov. 1 from outgoing manager Greg Kenney (who moved to Vancouver for family reasons), and has been BUSY from day one. Good thing he's used to no days off... (don't worry Taylor, we're KIDDING. Sort of). 

Please give Taylor a call at 403-999-1170. We find his enthusiasm contagious, and hope you do, too!

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