Soil sampling with our rotary drills obtains excellent core

Summer is heating up in more ways than one at Mobile Augers! Clients are eagerly taking advantage of our coring / rotary capabilities, keeping our crews busy.  To further support our rotary drilling program, we have ordered a brand new water truck, which will arrive soon.  Please give us a call to learn how our rotary fleet can benefit your next project. 

New M10 takes drill safety to a new level

A new M10 drill is about to enter our fleet, and we are particularly proud of this one.  Thanks to a large number of feature innovations and enhancements, we believe the new M10 takes drill safety to a new level. It retains its well-known workhorse capabilities, while enhancing operator safety. 

This drill joins the M10 we added in September, and the A/R 80, combination auger/rotary drill that came on line in August.  A second new A/R 80 is being built now, and is expected to arrive in the fleet within two months. 

If you would like to learn more about the capabilities or new features on these or any of our drills, please contact us. 

Need to core shale or hard rock? We can help!

Did you know that in addition to auger drilling, Mobile Augers has the experience and equipment to make your next coring or rotary job a success? We offer NQ and HQ / W core sizes, with HW casing up to 183 m (600 ft), conventional we rotary with SPT's and/ or Shelby tubes to 91 m (300 ft).

We also have a full complement of support equipment. Our drill fleet include the M11 "Combo-Drill" which can do both auger and coring work, our brand new A/R 80 drills, as well as a Fraste FS 250 truck mounted drill, a track-mounted Fraste XL, and a Saskatoon-based truck-mounted Fraste XL drill.  Our friendly staff are ready to help you from the planning stages through job competion. We do everything we can to make you look good! 

If you'd like to book a drill or need more information, please contact one of our operations managers at the location closest to you, or our Projects Manager Greg Olsen in our Edmonton office. 

Time to plan those spring jobs

Even though we're in the thick of winter, it's not too early to start thinking about your spring jobs. Our drills are heavily booked for the remainder of the winter, and indications are for more of the same this spring. 

Even if you don't have firm details yet, but see some work on the horizon, give your nearest Mobile Augers office a call so we can do our best to accommodate your needs. 

And don't forget those dewatering and slope stabilization jobs... spring through fall is the best time for what is often a wet and messy job, and Mobile Aardvark Drill is ready!  Call early to avoid disappointment. See for more information.

Taylor Lee takes over as Calgary Operations Manager

Mobile Augers is pleased to announce Taylor Lee is our new Calgary Operations Manager.

Having grown up on a cattle ranch, Taylor is well-accustomed to hard work with no days off, heading off problems before they occur and fixing them when they do, and juggling multiple demands.  Add to that years of drilling experience with an excellent safety record, and we have ourselves a great fit for the operations manager's role.

Taylor is responsible for managing our Calgary drill crews, and for working with clients to help plan and oversee their drilling jobs. He channels his enthusiasm and energy into providing outstanding customer service, and he enjoys helping each client plan their drilling program, and seeing it through to completion. Taylor also enjoys passing his knowledge to others, and he spends a great deal of time ensuring the Calgary drill crews are well-trained and working safely. 

Taylor took over Nov. 1 from outgoing manager Greg Kenney (who moved to Vancouver for family reasons), and has been BUSY from day one. Good thing he's used to no days off... (don't worry Taylor, we're KIDDING. Sort of). 

Please give Taylor a call at 403-999-1170. We find his enthusiasm contagious, and hope you do, too!

MARL SubSea Wins Prestigious APEGA Award

Our sister company MARL Technologies Inc. (MARL) revels in designing and building one-of-a-kind drills to suit our clients’ toughest assignments, but even we were surprised when it turned its sights half a league under the sea. It took three long years to complete, but the MARL SubSea is now working off the coast of Australia (a wee run-in with a cyclone notwithstanding), setting production records and causing buzz in the marine drilling world. And as if that accomplishment wasn’t reward enough, MARL was recently honoured with the Project Achievement Award in April a the APEGA Summit Awards gala.

MARL has been providing Mobile Augers with exceptionally well designed and built drills for the past 35 years.  Many of our most challenging jobs could not have been accomplished without the creativity and technical know-how the MARL team brings to each design. 

Company founder and owner Ron Innes said, “I’m pleased the hard work and years of development that went into this drill has been recognized by APEGA. This drill is an accomplishment we are proud of, and I’m very proud of the MARL team for persevering through the many challenges we faced.”

Summer Dewatering and Slope Stabilization

Don't forget we can also take care of your dewatering and slope stabilization needs through Mobile Aardvaark Drill Inc. Summer is best for Aardvark work, due to the typically wet and muddy conditions on these jobs.  Book early to avoid disappointment. 

Check out for more information or contact Project Manager Greg Olsen by email or give him a call at 780-436-3960.