Fully digitally-controlled SPT

An electronic Standard Penetration Test system

eSPT Technology - CMYK.png

    Mobile Augers is pleased to present the eSPT, a
    revolutionary electronic Standard Penetration Test

    Professionally Designed

    Designed by professional engineers, the eSPT is
    digitally controlled, ensuring accurate data, every
    time. You can assure your clients you are meeting
    ASTM compliance requirements. Verification of
    ASTM 1586-11 compliance is recorded on every

    Reliability & Accuracy

    While results from traditional hammers vary greatly
    due to variations in hammer drop heights,
    inaccurate counting, and non-standard energy
    delivery, the eSPT allows you an unprecedented
    level of reliability and accuracy.



    Excellent Data Resolutions

    eSPT provides excellent SPT data resolution,
    allowing for accurate evaluation of the soils.
    Hammer energy is also recorded, and blows-per inch
    data is available.

    Online, Real Time Access

    The eSPT sends information to your desktop or
    mobile device via a secure data portal, allowing you
    to assess your drilling results in real time. You can
    easily upload your own rich data, including photos
    and pdfs, for a complete and accurate site record.

    Drilling services using the eSPT are available
    exclusively from Mobile Augers and Research.

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    learn how the eSPT can benefit your engineering