Geotechnical & Environmental Drilling 


As a leading western Canadian geotechnical and environmental site investigation firm, we've offered unsurpassed drilling service since 1959.

Whatever your drilling program needs, we are here to help, from start to finish. As your drilling partner, we work with you to design an effective program, whether the job is large or small.  Our industry-leading drilling technology and knowledgeable staff ensure you get maximum value from your dollars.  Our goal is to save you money while providing unmatched value-added service. 

We offer a complete range of drilling services and methods, and with our wide range of equipment, we can ensure you get the best possible site data for your project in Western or Northern Canada. Some of the services and drilling methods available include:  4” Solid Stem; 6” Solid Stem; 10” Solid Stem; 3 3/8” Hollow Stem; 4 ¼” Hollow Stem; 6 ¼” Hollow Stem; Laskey Coring; SPT; eSPT – blows per inch option; Shelby Tubes; DCPT; Grouting; Instrument Installation; Shear Vein Testing; and CPT Cone Pushing.