Soil sampling with our rotary drills obtains excellent core

Summer is heating up in more ways than one at Mobile Augers! Clients are eagerly taking advantage of our coring / rotary capabilities, keeping our crews busy.  To further support our rotary drilling program, we have ordered a brand new water truck, which will arrive soon.  Please give us a call to learn how our rotary fleet can benefit your next project. 

New M10 takes drill safety to a new level

A new M10 drill is about to enter our fleet, and we are particularly proud of this one.  Thanks to a large number of feature innovations and enhancements, we believe the new M10 takes drill safety to a new level. It retains its well-known workhorse capabilities, while enhancing operator safety. 

This drill joins the M10 we added in September, and the A/R 80, combination auger/rotary drill that came on line in August.  A second new A/R 80 is being built now, and is expected to arrive in the fleet within two months. 

If you would like to learn more about the capabilities or new features on these or any of our drills, please contact us.