MARL SubSea Wins Prestigious APEGA Award

Our sister company MARL Technologies Inc. (MARL) revels in designing and building one-of-a-kind drills to suit our clients’ toughest assignments, but even we were surprised when it turned its sights half a league under the sea. It took three long years to complete, but the MARL SubSea is now working off the coast of Australia (a wee run-in with a cyclone notwithstanding), setting production records and causing buzz in the marine drilling world. And as if that accomplishment wasn’t reward enough, MARL was recently honoured with the Project Achievement Award in April a the APEGA Summit Awards gala.

MARL has been providing Mobile Augers with exceptionally well designed and built drills for the past 35 years.  Many of our most challenging jobs could not have been accomplished without the creativity and technical know-how the MARL team brings to each design. 

Company founder and owner Ron Innes said, “I’m pleased the hard work and years of development that went into this drill has been recognized by APEGA. This drill is an accomplishment we are proud of, and I’m very proud of the MARL team for persevering through the many challenges we faced.”

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