A sample of interesting jobs.

Antarctic Runway

Rothera Research Station, Antarctica

Our client was engaged to design a 900 m (3000 ft) crushed-rock runway at Rothera Station in the Antarctic. In addition to testing for the runway, we also performed exploration drilling to locate suitable construction materials for the runway itself.

Equipment: This project in the Antarctic was extremely demanding technologically, logistically, and operationally. No single piece could weigh more than 275 kg (600 lbs). The drill also had to provide down-hole hammer capabilities. Reliability of the equipment 14000 km (9000 mi) from home was paramount. Our Ranger drill and crew proved equal to the task.

Artificial Islands

Beaufort Sea, Arctic Ocean

Our client was engaged to design artificial islands used as oil and gas drilling platforms. In terms of solution design, logistics, and operations, this project was extremely challenging. Offshore operations are best executed using elevating boats. However, there were none near the Beaufort Sea. Instead, we specially designed a motion-compensating drill for use on a floating platform.

Equipment: Mobile Augers designed the DGD 2000 drill for offshore use where elevations boats aren’t available, due to either water depth or logistical issues. The drill used a “derrick within a derrick” design that provided absolute stability for the drill head, regardless of the boat’s motion. This design provided extremely accurate drill head control, allowing feeds as precise as 3 mm (1/8 in), and enabled us to obtain excellent core samples from the sub-sea permafrost.